Traditional Refinancing

Lower your annual percentage rate!

Lower your monthly car payment!

Skip your car payment for up to 90 days!*





Cash Back Refinancing

Pull extra cash out

Use the money to pay off other debt

Use the value of your car and equity like a personal ATM

    No payment for up to 90 days


New Car Purchase

We are currently working hard on our new car purchase program. So there is more to come





About Us

We Are
The Real Deal

The Trinity Automotive Lender Network was founded by a group of individuals that all shared the same frustration with the auto finance industry. Saving money was just complicated for the average consumer and too many people just didn't know how much money they were actually throwing away instead of using it on other important things in life



We decided it was finally time to branch out and start working directly for the consumer.

With over 45 years of experience in the auto loan industry, We are not only experienced when it comes to getting a lower rate, but are only focused on saving people money and getting them on track for a more stable financial future.

Eliminate your financial stress

Instead of throwing your money throughout your auto loan, why not save it instead.

Get out of debt sooner

You can lower you rate and pay off your auto loan sooner.

You could also just use the money you save to pay off other things getting you out of debt sooner!

Keep the car you love

Against popular belief, you do not have to trade your vehicle to get out of a high interest rate. Many people decide to get a nightmare of a high interest rate just to get the vehicle of their dreams.

Get the extra cash back you need

Holiday shopping, unexpected expenses or wanting to pay off other high interest debts are just a few reasons why many people look for our cash-back refinancing option. Your vehicle may have equity that can get you the money you need today.

Our Stats

45 years Experience

Trinity is lead by a team of financial experts with over 45 years of experience in auto loans. If there is a lower interest available we will be able to get it for you.

Over 90% success

No company can say they have a 100% success rate, but we are proud to say that our qualified applicants and team of hard working loan officers, we have an impressive 90% success rate.

Over $5M in savings

We have saved consumers over $5 million. This is money staying in consumers pockets instead of going to banks because of high interest rates.

Lending Network

Our lender network sets us apart from others giving us the connections to get those low rates. We stay up to date on the current market and make sure to always provide the lowest competative rates.

Our Work