Traditional Refinancing

You should consider refinacing your auto loan if you got a high interest rate when you first purchased your vehicle, you've noticed your credit improve or if life throws you a curve-ball. Providing interest rates as low as 2.99% and an average savings of $81 per month can improve each situation.

Refinancing is the answer to your high car payment

Most people in their original auto loans don't realize how high their interest rate is, or how much extra it is costing them. By refinancing your auto loan with Trinity, the amount of money you can save,  monthly and throughout the life of your loan, may be alarming. With a traditional auto refinance, your existing note would be paid off and replace it with a more affordable auto loan. Trinity auto refinancing options can reduce your current payment and even shorten the length of your loan. We accept applications from customers with all types of credit, even if you’ve experienced bankruptcy, credit counseling or repossession.

Our job and main focus is to reduce your auto loan interest rate for you and get you into a loan that's fair.

Wanting a better Rate

Loan $25,000

Starting Rate 12%

72 Month Term

$489 Monthly


Refi @ 2.99%

$380 Monthly

$109 Monthly savings

$7849 overall savings

Numbers don't lie

Refinancing an auto loan pays off an existing loan with a new loan. Replacing an old loan with a new one can save the borrower hundreds or thousands of dollars in interest fees.

Don't let bad decisions in your past continue to affect you if they don't have to.


Needing a better rate

Loan $20,000

Starting Rate 24%

60 Month Term

$575 Monthly


Refi @ 8.99%

$415 Monthly

$160 Monthly savings

$9618 overall savings